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Founded in 1973 in France, Kindford Group began its business by sourcing developing and importing a wide range of top quality DIY products such as hand tools and bathroom accessories from Asia to Europe.
The intervening two decades saw the Group’s operations go from strength to strength. In 1992, the group started new operations in Hong Kong. After nine further years of steady growth, in 2001 Kindford Group moved its headquarters to Hong Kong.
Since 2010, Kindford operates its own manufacturing plants of enclosure, shower cabin and bathroom furniture in Shanghai. Equipped with ultra modern production machines capable of meeting international standards, the facility is able to produce best-selling products at extremely competitive prices. In addition to the in-house Kindford brand, the Shanghai factory also manufactures products for a lengthy list of internationally renowned OEM partners from all four corners of the globe. Over the years, Kindford has built up an outstanding reputation for the high quality of its manufacturing and just-in-time logistics. Kindford now designs a full range of stylish shower cabins, shower enclosures, shower panels, bathroom furniture and accessories. The company is also specialized in the area of exterior furnishings and DIY equipment.

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