Our services

Product & Sourcing

Our factory in China allow us to provide you all your needs offering high level quality products and meeting the international standards at competitive prices, as well as a quick and reliable on-time delivery.
Our wide network of suppliers in China enables us to be very efficient into sourcing in order to find out the product that will meet your expectations.

Product Development & Packaging

Kindford gives you the opportunity to develop products with new or different characteristics that will offer additional benefits.
Indeed, we are able to adapt our production in order to propose you the range of products you require. So that you will acquire original products.
We are also competent for the creation of packaging relative to your characteristics so that the products would be available for commercialization.

Quality control

Our own team of quality controller monitors the products and factories quality closely with inspections and quality controls of the production process, the packing and the loading.

Human rights

Our factories are evaluated and selected in order to ensure the respect of the workplace environment to ours workers.
Indeed, we pay particular attention to the ethics and we make sure that our employees are working in good conditions.

Export & Logistic

Kindford can take care of the transport of your goods and assure you that they will be handle with the utmost care.
Thanks to reliable and efficient carriers, we are able to propose you a wide possibility for the delivery (FOB, CIF…) until the door to door Incoterms in order to facilitate this step for the customers.

After-Sales Service

The spare parts of our products are stored in a warehouse in France and are shipped directly throughout France from it.
(if you are an individual customer, please contact your reseller)