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  • Gazebos 001

    Ref no. 192314


    A shower offers refreshing drizzle of water being sprayed from the ground up with a delightful mist.
    A mobile base can be used in any outside area with access to a garden hose.
    One switch on / off foot touch adjustable fountain’s height from 2-4 meters.
    A stable bearing weight within 30-150kgs.
    Transportable – Lightweight aluminium base with handle
    Rust free alloy components.
    Toxicity free plastic componets.
    Teak timber top / Wood Plastic composite top, sides aluminium frame.
    Simple connection, Easy assembly.
    Size 70 X 55 X 7.7CM
    Weight: 10kgs
    Certifications: 4MS UBA standard, REACH

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